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There are still challenges to adopting a child as a single woman

You're a single, well-educated, successful and independent woman. You've given up looking for Mr. Right, or maybe Mr. Right wasn't so right, and you've moved on. Perhaps you're not particularly interested in a life partner. However, the one thing you know is that you could give a child a happy, loving, comfortable home.

Single women who choose to adopt children rather than use anonymous (or perhaps not-so-anonymous) sperm donors, however, are often surprised to find that attitudes about adoption by single women aren't as evolved as they thought. Even family and friends may believe that it's selfish for a single woman to adopt a child because she wants to be a mother. Some adoption agencies — as well as birth mothers — who are giving their babies up for adoption may harbor those beliefs as well.

Spotting the subtle signs of elder abuse by a caregiver

The stress that caregivers experience has been well-documented. Often, people are placed in a position where they're caring for elderly parents while also raising their own children. Sometimes, an elderly person has to take care of an ill or disabled spouse. It can be overwhelming. Caregivers often feel like they have no lives of their own.

If people have the resources, they can hire a professional caregiver to help out with an elderly, ill and/or disabled family member. However, that doesn't guarantee that a person won't be abused.

What to know about electronic estate planning

Technology is king in this day and age. This also means your finances and estate are likely tied into technology. You might not have considered this when you started thinking about estate planning.

However, electronic financials and files are now a key part of estate planning. There are many elements of your electronic footprint you will need to think about and include while planning for the future of your family.

Estate planning for the 'long goodbye' of dementia

Living with the knowledge that you have Alzheimer's or other type of dementia or caring for someone who does can be frightening, overwhelming and depressing. Alzheimer's been referred to as the "long goodbye" because people often slowly lose cognitive functions and the ability to recognize loved ones over an extended period.

The good news is that medical advancements have been able to slow the rate of cognitive decline in some people suffering from dementia. This means they can enjoy their family and friends for longer than they otherwise might be able to.

Separated but not divorced? What does that mean when you die?

Many Missouri couples decide that they can't live together happily. However, for any number of reasons, they may opt to remain legally married. In some cases, they just never get around to divorcing.

While you and your spouse may have been living separate lives for some time, you're still married in the eyes of the law. That means that if one of you dies, the other one is considered that person's spouse as much as if you'd remained happily married and living together.

Why should you consider Medicaid planning now?

Around retirement, many Missouri residents realize that they need to prepare for their long-term health and care. Aging can be an expensive process, as medical problems may surface and you consider entering a nursing home or other assisted living facility.

While nursing homes are a beneficial option for many people, they can also come with a steep price tag. Paying for these services can quickly drain an estate and the funds you would like to leave to your spouse or other loved ones. Is there a way to protect your assets while securing the care you need?

Study: Drunk driving declines as drugged driving rises

A Missouri TV station reports that there is good news and bad news in a new study on impaired driving. The research by the Governor’s Highway Safety Association shows that there are now more fatal motor vehicle accidents involving drugged drivers than there are deadly crashes involving drivers impaired by alcohol.

The GHSA report says that in 2016, alcohol was a factor in 38 percent of driver fatalities. Compare that to the 44 percent of crash fatalities in which the driver tested positive for drugs.

New Trampoline? Take safety measures before bouncing

Your kids were really good this year. They brought home report cards with great grades. There were no calls from the principal or incidents that ended in a grounding. All year long they begged you to get them a trampoline. They want one really bad and promise the money will be worth it.

Now that summer is here, you want your children to be active. You have been secretly saving money to get them that trampoline they want so desperately. You think it will be a great way to burn off energy. The trampoline will encourage them to exercise and be out in the fresh air. While you plan on getting it for them, you know you will need to establish some rules.

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