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Not all work-related injuries happen suddenly in one event

When you think of a work-related injury, do you think about a violent accident that causes you or one of your co-workers serious injuries? You aren't alone. Many people share this belief, which is unfortunate since injuries do not have to happen in a sudden, one-time event in order to qualify for workers' compensation benefits.

Some injuries slowly grow worse until they become debilitating and cause chronic pain. For example, carpal tunnel syndrome does not happen overnight. Instead, it creeps up on you.

Missouri police more likely to stop black drivers

If you're black and you're driving in Missouri, you're a whopping 91% more likely to be stopped by police than a white driver. If you happen to be in your own neighborhood, it may be even worse.

That's according to a report from the Attorney General's Office. That last bit of information is an essential detail from the data because it refutes the notion that the law enforcement agencies have pushed that the numbers only look skewed because people of color stand out when they're driving through predominately white neighborhoods and are from another area.

Missouri public defender workloads are in question

About two years ago, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a class-action lawsuit against Missouri for the way it treats poor defendants and the public defenders who represent them in court.

Well, the ACLU and the public defender system made an agreement, and they're not waiting on a federal judge to seal the deal -- but Missouri's Attorney General Eric Schmitt is apparently quite unhappy about the proposed settlement. He has publicly stated that he wants to intervene to prevent the new agreement from going through and says that limiting the workloads of the state's public defenders would be a disaster that lets "untold numbers of alleged felons to avoid criminal prosecution." For their part, the ACLU said that the governor's response showed that "his office hasn't been paying attention to the case very closely."

Make sure your estate planning efforts continue to protect you

Estate planning can be one of the most emotionally difficult endeavors people undertake during their lifetimes. It brings up issues involving death and incapacity, which no one enjoys contemplating. Still, getting it done can help make your later years a little more stress-free and enjoyable.

An estate planning attorney can help you address the many topics you will need to explore in estate planning. However, once you have made your decisions and recorded them in the appropriate legal documents, your estate planning may not necessarily be over. Life has a way of changing as time goes by, and this means that you might need to review and update your estate plan accordingly.

Can a minor child seek emancipation in Missouri?

For many parents, the subject of minor emancipation is upsetting. Parents typically want their children to remain their children for as long as possible. When a teen brings up the topic of emancipation, many parents feel that their child is slipping away faster than they expected.

Family law attorneys can help children and parents explore emancipation in-depth. Sometimes, teens change their mind after attorney consultations and other times their resolve grows stronger. In all scenarios, lawyer guidance can ensure that a child's emancipation efforts proceed smoothly for parents and the child alike.

Is working with family a dream or the start of a nightmare?

Owning a business is an exciting and challenging endeavor. You may have owned your business for years before you had a child, but since then, you have imagined bringing your child into the company and, possibly, passing the operations over to him or her when the time warrants it.

Though these dreams may bring a warm feeling to your heart, you may want to remember that among the challenges of owning a business is the potential for conflict among business partners, management, employees and, if applicable, family members. If the time has come to bring your child into the company in a serious capacity, you may want to remember that disputes are possible.

Reliable information is important during divorce

Going through divorce is a difficult time for many Missouri residents and those elsewhere. Though numerous couples choose to end their marriages, the process has not necessarily gotten any easier. The reason for this is likely that each couple and each divorce case is different.

If divorce is in your near future, you may have strong feelings about what you will experience. You may have initiated the divorce because you no longer felt happy in your relationship or because your spouse cheated. On the other hand, you may have felt content in your marriage, and your spouse's desire to divorce may have caught you completely off guard. Whatever part of the emotional spectrum you find yourself on, you certainly want to approach your case in the best manner possible.

Elder Law and the importance of proper Medicaid planning

Thanks to advancements in health care, Americans live longer than they did in past decades. According to Lorman Education Services, approximately 80% of U.S. residents now live beyond the age of 65. Like many of you, we are glad that people are able to live longer and enjoy their golden years. However, this increased longevity can come with financial hardships elders must overcome.

Paying for residential placement and elder care is a massive concern in the 21st century. While some elders have accumulated the means to pay for whatever they need in their aging years, it is safe to say that most elders in Jackson lack sufficient means.

Workers' compensation denials are more common than you may think

If you suffer an unfortunate injury while working, chance are you are counting on workers' compensation to see you through the incident. Successful claims provide Missouri workers with benefits such as income replacement and coverage of medical expenses. A notice indicating a claim denial can bring reality crashing down upon you. The following list contains several common reasons for claim denials.

Waiting to report the injury: It is important to report any unusual incident to your superiors immediately. Doing so paves the way for a successful workers' compensation claim if you discover that the incident caused you injury.

What is the difference between a legal separation and divorce?

If you and your spouse are struggling to maintain your marriage, you may be evaluating your options to improve the situation. Legal separation and divorce are two legal ways to begin leading your life independently. However, the two options are so similar that people are often confused about what exactly each action does.

Divorce and legal separation are similar

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