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Can a minor child seek emancipation in Missouri?

For many parents, the subject of minor emancipation is upsetting. Parents typically want their children to remain their children for as long as possible. When a teen brings up the topic of emancipation, many parents feel that their child is slipping away faster than they expected.

Recognizing and easing children's stress amid divorce

No matter how hard divorcing parents work to focus on their children's well-being, kids will experience stress during and after the break-up. They're likely going to be dividing their time between two households. They may move -- which means changing schools and having to make new friends.

How parents with alcohol issues can emotionally harm children

If you're divorcing a co-parent who has an issue with alcohol abuse, you're likely conflicted about what kind of custody arrangement to seek. Assuming that you have no evidence that your spouse has been physically or verbally abusive to the kids, you may not want to (or believe that you can) limit their custody rights if they're seeking shared custody. However, mental health professionals note that parents who abuse alcohol can be detrimental to a child's mental health in a number of ways -- some of which can impact them well into adulthood.

Co-parenting poses unique challenges for people in the military

Working out the child custody agreement is often one of the most difficult, emotionally fraught aspects of divorce. However, when one or both of the parents are in the military, it can be particularly challenging. Military parents may be moved to a base halfway across the country, or they may be deployed overseas for long periods.

Why co-parents need to establish consistent household rules

Raising children in two households is one of the biggest challenges faced by parents after separation or divorce. Parents who are used to letting their spouse be the disciplinarian have to step up and be the "bad guy" occasionally when their kids are with them. Another challenge is that you and your co-parent likely don't have the same parenting styles.

Parson: Should truckers lose licenses over unpaid child support?

Missouri, like other states, has a number of methods for getting child support from parents who are not making their payments as ordered by the court. One of these is taking people's occupational licenses. Here in Missouri, a person who hasn't made child support payments for at least three months can lose their commercial driver's license (CDL) or other professional license.

There are still challenges to adopting a child as a single woman

You're a single, well-educated, successful and independent woman. You've given up looking for Mr. Right, or maybe Mr. Right wasn't so right, and you've moved on. Perhaps you're not particularly interested in a life partner. However, the one thing you know is that you could give a child a happy, loving, comfortable home.

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